Like what you’ve heard, seen or read about us? We would love to have you join us for the 2024 Season Tryouts on Friday November 3 or Saturday November 4, depending on the age group. Please arrive half an hour prior to start time for registration confirmation, warmup and jersey sizing. Wondering about our fees? Check them out, here.

Please note, in order for our tryouts to be fair to all athletes, our policy is that the player must try out for their “volleyball age” group, as determined by the volleyball age computation chart.

An official, complimentary FCAMDVB tryout t-shirt will be given to each player to wear during tryouts; wear court-appropriate shoes, kneepads and spandex (4″ inseam please) and/or 4″ inseam shorts. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Three steps to take prior to your tryout:

1. Register with AAU

You must first have an AAU Extended Membership. This membership is required for tryouts and it is required to play during the season. Please complete this step prior to doing anything else. At this point, do not affiliate with a club – we want you to be sure you want to play for us – we just require that you have an active, current AAU extended membership. If your athlete does not have an active, current AAU extended membership, they will not be allowed to step onto the court. Please be sure the membership is current.

2. Age Chart

Determining the “volleyball age” of a player can be confusing – that’s why we created the 2023-24 Volleyball Age Chart.  Please register for and try out with the appropriate age group. Thank you.

3. Register

You’re ready to register for tryouts! Click here to do so.

Tryout Tips