The FCAMDVB Medical Release form may be downloaded and completed, then printed and provided to your coach. This form is required to be carried by the coach to all tournaments and must be in-hand prior to the first tournament – no exceptions.

The GBC Liability Release form must be downloaded, completed and provided to your coach if your practices are held at Grace Bible Church.

Per the Kennedy Krieger Concussion Clinic, concussions are mild brain injuries and are one of the most common injuries following a trauma. Leading causes include sports and recreational injuries, falls and blows to the head. If recognized and treated properly, most people recover fully from a single concussion. However, children and adolescents who sustain multiple concussions tend to take longer to recover each time and are more likely to experience lingering symptoms and lifelong physical, cognitive and psychological problems.

We have provided fact sheets for your convenience if you would like to read more about the signs, symptoms, and what to do:

Concussion Fact Sheet – Parents

Concussion Fact Sheet – Athletes

Codes of Character and Conduct – Visit the Codes of Conduct page for further information.

Parent Code of Character and Conduct

Athlete Code of Character and Conduct