Everyone has questions – and we bet you do, too! Here are some answers…if your question isn’t here, feel free to reach out!

Where are Practices Held?
We practice in several locations within Baltimore and  Carroll counties: Living Hope Baptist Church, Grace Bible Church, Liberty Christian School, Panther Performance Center and Westminster Baptist Church.
What are Practice Days & Times?
Teams practice for two hours twice a week, Monday through Friday. Practice days and times are announced in the offer letter.
Do You Play on Sundays?
As a Christian club, we do our best to not attend tournaments on Sundays; however, we are also very aware that the volleyball court and tournaments are actually our mission field. 🙂 We bring the love of Jesus Christ both on and off the court, and have actually seen lives changed as a result.
What's the difference in team levels?
Tryout season is a wonderful but stressful time in the sport of club volleyball. Athletes have laid it all out on the court and are excitedly awaiting offers. One comes in – it’s for a 2’s or 3’s team! What does that mean? Well, depending on the size of the club and the amount of talent in the gym during tryouts, it could mean lots of things. Click here for a great explanation.
What's a Taxi Player?
A taxi player doesn’t participate in tournaments. They receive the same instruction and the same gear, with the exception of tournament jerseys. The price is half of the tournament player price. This option is good for athletes who want to improve but either don’t have the appropriate skill level yet or cannot make the commitment of playing in tournaments.
How Long Does the Season Last?
Practices begin the last Monday of November or the first Monday in December; tournaments typically begin mid to late January and run through April or May (or June if the team is going to Nationals).
Where do They Play?
Most tournaments are within a two hour drive, although some may be further.  The tournament schedule will be released fairly quickly once the season starts.
What are the Fees?
Fees and associated costs can be found on our Fees page.
Can My Daughter Try Out for an Older Age Group?
No.  In order for our tryouts to be fair to all athletes, our policy is that the player must try out for their “volleyball age” group, as determined by the volleyball age computation chart.