Coaching Staff

FCAMDVB is fortunate to have many talented coaches dedicated to teaching the sport of volleyball to their players. When we launched in the 2014/15 season, we had one coach, Thom Frock, who was occasionally assisted by then Club Director Aaron Walton. We’ve grown steadily and our coaching staff has kept pace – we believe this is because we are following God’s will in the way we run this club and the way we treat our athletes and our families.

Head Coach Thom Frock
Coach Anna Jezerski
Coach Carly Baugher
Asst. Coach Carrie Ness
Coach Catherina Park
Coach Elise Wilson
Coach Emily Arndts
Asst. Coach Emily Martin
Coach Emma Lorenzen
Coach Ericka Padilla
Coach Evan Frock
Character Coach Hope Ferguson
Coach Kelsey Wolinski
Coach Kendra Miller
Coach Marlowe Embry
Asst. Coach Pat Brynes
Asst. Coach Regan Gefroh