FCAMDVB is fortunate to have many talented coaches dedicated to teaching the sport of volleyball to their players. When we launched in the 2014/15 season, we had one coach, Thom Frock, who was occasionally assisted by then Club Director Aaron Walton. We’ve grown steadily and our coaching staff has kept pace – we believe this is because we are following God’s will in the way we run this club and the way we treat our athletes and our families.

Head Coach Thom Frock – GENESIS 12U
Coach Anna Jezerski – fearless 16U
Coach Carrie Ness – VISION 14U
Coach Emily Arndts – Legacy 18U
Asst. Coach Emily Martin – ARMOR 15U
Coach Emma Lorenzen – fearless 16U
Coach Ericka Padilla – aftershock 17U
Coach Evan Frock – armor 15U
Coach hayley mills – steadfast 15U
Character Coach Hope Ferguson
coach maddy bigleyvertical 13U
coach Katie Steindl – illumin8 15U
coach katy pawlak – steadfast 15U
coach kelly doll – cornerstone 14U
Asst. Coach Pat Brynes – aftershock 17U
coach Sara few – victory 16U
coach Sarah walton – intent 16U