“Victory is Fleeting. Excellence Endures”. What does that mean, exactly? In relation to FCA Maryland Volleyball, this means that we are more focused on excellence than victory. Excellence in character. Excellence in continued development and improvement. Excellence in lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.

We have the victory, let’s focus on the excellence.



FCA Maryland Volleyball, an AAU Girls Volleyball Club, is a little bit different from other clubs, in a couple of significant ways.   First and foremost, we are about way more than volleyball.  We exist as a club only because the Lord laid it on the hearts of the founding adults and players to do this.  We compete for Christ’s glory, not our own.  We are the only Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) volleyball club for hundreds of miles.  We are seriously committed to our players’ spiritual development as well as their development as volleyball players.

We are a club seriously devoted to winning.  But our definition of winning is also a little bit different from other clubs.  The biggest “win” anyone can attain in life is to know Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior.  It is our sincere prayer that the Good News of Christ will touch the heart of every FCAMDVB player.  In addition we define winning, in terms of volleyball, as excellence.  We will teach your daughter how to play this wonderful sport the right way, and for the right reasons.  We are much more concerned with developing excellence in our players rather than being the first to get 25 points on game day. 

Victory is fleeting, but excellence endures.  We are dedicated to the process, not the result, and we are willing to be patient as the process proceeds for each player. 

Excellence allows room for failure and learning, while an obsession with winning does not.  We commit to being an excellence-based club that allows every player to develop at her own pace, not a results-oriented club that only uses those players who can “help us” now.  Our vision for your daughter is panoramic, not myopic.

We know that the Lord works all things for good for those who love Him, and we understand that sometimes we must walk through valleys in order to reach mountain tops.  We truly want your daughter to experience the mountain top, so we will walk with her through whatever valleys we must.

We are also aware of the perception some families have that club volleyball is elitist, in that only those with a lot of both talent and money can enjoy the club volleyball experience.  So we commit ourselves to these two things:  we will keep the cost of playing for FCAMDVB as low as possible so that more girls can play (and benefit from) club volleyball, and we will work conscientiously to develop every player as we focus on her potential excellence rather than her current skill level.

We want to grow volleyball players, not coaches’ resumes.  We want to be a club you can trust to develop your daughter athletically, personally, and spiritually, and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help your daughter strive for excellence in all these aspects of her life.  It’s our prayer that we can walk alongside her this season.

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    The FCAMDVB Medical Release form may be downloaded and completed, then printed and provided to your coach. This form is required to be carried by the coach to all tournaments.

    The GBC Liability Release form must be downloaded, completed and provided to your coach if your practices are held at Grace Bible Church.




    Fees for the youngest team will be $650 per player.

    16 OPEN TEAM

    Fees for the 16U Open Team will be $1300 per player


    Fees for all other teams will be $850 per player.

    Taxi fees are $425.

    Your fees cover the following:

    • Two jerseys (tournament players only)
    • Two practice t-shirts (taxi players only)
    • Club 1/4 zip (all players)
    • Club backpack with goodies (all players)
    • Coaching and player development
    • Court rental
    • Tournament registration fees (typically six to eight one-day and at least one multi-day tournament per team;  the 16 Open team will participate in mostly multi-day tournaments and will be attending the AAU Nationals in Florida in June, 2022. 
    • Coaches’ registration, training, stipend
    • Insurance
    • Equipment 

    Other Costs to Expect

    • “Extended” Membership in AAU ($16)
    • Loose fitting athletic shorts with a minimum 4″ inseam for practice at WBC
    • Black 4″ inseam spandex
    • Black shorts are also acceptable (4″ inseam) if you have an objection to spandex)


    • FCAMDVB highly recommends shoes specific to the sport of volleyball (Asics, Mizuno, etc.)
    • Knee pads
    • Some sort of ankle brace – Active Ankles, RocketSocks, etc.

    Incidental Costs

    • Travel to and from tournaments
    • Hotel and food costs for any multi-day tournaments